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Lift and Shift Microsoft SQL Server to AWS

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Quickly establish high availability in the cloud.


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High availability (HA) is an imperative for any organization in a modern world. But using Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise can be too costly just for its HA features. (Microsoft Enterprise licensing is 383% higher per core than Standard Edition, according to Microsoft published list pricing.)

Additionally, if you have Microsoft licensing requirements across multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) Availability Zones (AZs), achieving high availability for SQL Server workloads in the cloud may require significantly more resources than traditional models.

  • Migrate applications to AWS without any code changes
  • Maintain high availability at a fraction of the cost
  • Run Windows clusters in the way you know and trust
  • Streamline management with native integration to AWS services

Download the eBook and learn how to get high availability on AWS, without the cost of SQL Enterprise edition.

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