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What is the Zadara Storage Cloud?

Zadara is enterprise storage made easy.

Any data type. Any protocol. Any location. Start by choosing block, file, or object storage. During setup you’ll choose protocol, capacity, throughput, location, and any advanced data management solutions you want to add.

Zadara transforms storage-related costs from a variable mix of equipment and
management expenses to a predictable, on-demand, pay-per-use, elastic service
that greatly simplifies planning, streamlines budgeting, and improves return on
investment (ROI).

With Zadara you can:

  • Avoid large investments in storage infrastructure
  • Convert CapEx storage to OpEx
  • Reduce storage administration costs; redeploy people to higher-value tasks
  • Scale up or down as needed; never pay for unused capacity

And it’s fully managed by us 24/7. Now you can get the power of enterprise storage without the cost and complexity of owning and managing storage infrastructure.

Download this whitepaper to find out how Zadara’s patented Virtual Private Storage Array technology powers a high-performance, enterprise-grade storage system that can run in any environment: on premises, private or public cloud, or a hybrid arrangement.

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