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How Local Governments Can Use Hybrid Cloud Storage to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Take Control and Prevent Ransomware Attacks


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Increasingly sophisticated criminals are demanding payments that fall just under what cyber-insurance covers, making it more likely that a ransom will be paid. Their game is to target the most vulnerable, which is why they go after state and local governments.

Unfortunately, the only choice for some victims of a ransomware attack is to pay the ransom if they ever want access to their data again. They also face the prospect of delaying access to online payment tools, court records, 911 systems and much more.

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  • To protect your data from ransomware with a better roadmap
  • Quickly and affordably keep your data safe
  • A fully-managed backup and protection plan is simple to administer
  • To improve defenses without the need to make disruptive changes to the IT infrastructure

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